Member Spotlight: Longleaf Farm

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This month, we hear from Kyle Ernst. Kyle is the assistant director for Longleaf Farm, a ministry of The Wesley Foundation at Louisiana Tech University.

Read along as Kyle shares his passions and the mission guiding their work.

What brought you to this work?

Kyle: I was brought to this work by my desire to grow good food and to serve the community of the southside of Ruston. The land on which we farm was granted to us by the City of Ruston in an effort to put the land into good use and purpose. We farm on the old fairgrounds located on Martin L King Drive across from Mayfield Park and have been established there since March 2017. We have been inspired in our short span by the number of visitors we get weekly who stop by and seek to know more about our work. 

Who do you serve?

Kyle: Longleaf is an educational and missionary opportunity for Louisiana Tech Wesley Foundation students to learn how to farm on a small-scale while serving the community in south Ruston. 

What is your hope?

Kyle: My hope is to grow good food, teach others how to grow good food, and to rejoice for the land that God has given us. In doing these things we also hope to model a practical and realistic approach to small-scale farming that may inspire others to take it up. 

What is the one thing you want the public to know about your work?

Kyle: I want the public to know that this mission at Longleaf Farm is one that is very young and in need of support from all who care about local food and wish to serve the Ruston community. Your support is greatly appreciated in any form whether it be financially or by giving of your time to volunteer at the farm.