Member Spotlight: Campti Field of Dreams


This month, we hear from Donna Issacs. Donna is the executive director for Campti Field of Dreams, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life for Louisiana residents by growing food, developing farmers and rebuilding the fabric of rural communities.

Read along as Donna shares her passions and the mission guiding their work.

What brought you to this work?

Donna: In 2011, I moved to Natchitoches, Louisiana to teach Green Preservation workshops for the National Center for Preservation, Technology and Training based there. I fell in love with Louisiana, its people and culture. Knowing that I had found my home, I started developing other programs in Louisiana to address challenges faced by those with limited incomes. In 2013, I started working with Campti Field of Dreams, a nonprofit organization in Campti, Louisiana who is shaping the future of rural Louisiana by preserving its cultural heritage, nurturing natural resources and rebuilding local economies.

Who do you serve?

Donna: We serve the under-served in rural areas as we connect individuals, families and communities with resources to help them help themselves. Campti Field of Dreams operates the Campti Historic Museum, Tallawah Farm: a 25-acre Sustainable Agriculture Demonstration Farm and conducts outreach for USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Each year we host the following:

1) Twelve parish-wide outreach meetings throughout the State of Louisiana to share information on technical and financial assistance available through the various agencies.
2) Back To Your Roots Conference: A Sustainable Agriculture Master Series (March 7-9, 2019)
3) Art & Agriculture Festival (June 22, 2019)
4) Youth Agri-preneurship Summer Program

What is your hope?

Donna: My hope is that we rebuild our rural communities into vibrant local economies so that our children and grandchildren are able to thrive right here in Louisiana.

What is the one thing you want the public to know about your work?

Donna: There are resources to help rebuild our rural communities. We have begun to access these and have seen evidence of the impact. If we combine our resources and work together the impact will be even greater. It takes a village. To get in touch with us you may visit our website: or call Donna Isaacs (318) 521-4998.