Member Spotlight: Ross Lynn Charitable Foundation


We are beginning by telling you about The Ross Lynn Charitable Foundation (RLCF).  The RLCF is the founder of The EXCHANGE and will be giving oversight and supervision of its work.

We talked with Jane Watts, Executive Director of the RLCF as she answered our questions about the Foundation, its mission and purpose.

What brought you to this work?

Jane: Many people came to us when Ross died and encouraged us to establish a way of remembering his life.  He had made a difference in their lives and communities, and remembering him in some way would give opportunity to continue making a difference in others lives going forward…so we did.  We formed the Ross Lynn Charitable Foundation.

Who do you serve?

Jane: Our mission is to cultivate compassion in individuals, families and communities.   We bring together people in unique ways that nurture mindfulness, grace and connectedness.  We invite them to live a compassionate life as Ross did; learning more about themselves, their environment and their neighbor.

With our newest initiative, The EXCHANGE, we are serving those who are already serving others.  We offer this work to support and enhance the work of area nonprofits and those who lead them.

What is your hope?

Jane: That more compassion is lived out in the world … we hope that all people are given opportunity to know their lives matter, and that they have the chance to respond to their purpose with their gifts to serve the greater good.

What is the one thing you want the public to know about your work?

Jane: We offer programming of our own through outdoor adventure, the arts and healthy living. Along the way we discovered that we could leverage our impact by supporting and collaborating with others whose mission was common with ours; and now we have launched The EXCHANGE which is a member based support organization for non-profits.  We believe that gathering together communities of compassionate people helps individuals serve and provide more than they may be able to apart.