We've Launched The Exchange!


The EXCHANGE is a program of the Ross Lynn Charitable Foundation launched in January of 2018 in Ruston. It is being offered to support area non-profits and to be part of a growing response in the community to meet undeserved needs. It is a member organization for nonprofits providing ongoing learning opportunities and resources to strengthen their organizational cycles, nurture relationship and coalition building and incubate new forms of response to local social and economic problems.

The present members of The EXCHANGE identified the following as needs for their work to be better served:

-Access to information about available foundation, corporate and government grants

-Grant implementation training (especially collaborative work)

-Tutoring in social media marketing

-Opportunities for relationship building and collaboration in providing services

-Opportunities to develop cross sector partnerships

On February 28th, The EXCHANGE held its first working “Lunch and Share” event, during which an expert in collaborative grant writing facilitated a brain storming session for relationship and coalition development ideas.

During the first year, The EXCHANGE will involve its member organizations in the following services:

-Host monthly “Lunch and Share” meetings to promote nonprofit relationship and coalition development

-Conduct bi-annual, day-long workshops on topics identified by EXCHANGE members, such as grantsmanship and social media marketing

-Provide on-going access to the Foundation Center online database of grants

-Publish a Directory of Nonprofit Services in North Louisiana

-Develop Community Venture Partners serving the members

-Collaborate with La Tech Enterprise and Technology Business Development Center in projects of common interest

-Promote cross sector collaboration with the private sector and local government

-Host quarterly meetings of funders, policy makers and responders